About the #TurnToLove campaign

#turntolove is a global campaign set up by volunteers from across the world to unite people under one banner of love and humanity
Everyday there are far too many victims as a result of terror attacks from London to Paris, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more
This campaign encourages everyone to join the movement and to turn away from hatred and instead #turntolove
Mohamed is one of the thousands of people around the globe who lost a loved-one to terror in the Brussels attack.
He launched an appeal for love and humanity a “Jihad of Love” that has been  watched by more than 10 million people from Baghdad to Berlin and Beijing
On the 22nd of March thousands will unite in Brussels along with Mohammed and other victims of terror to launch a global campaign of love: #Turntolove
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Watch Mohamed El Bachiri’s appeal for a #jihadoflove

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